CS Group

Payload Data & Applications department

35 years of experience delivering high quality systems for Earth Observation & Science data processing and dissemination towards to NEWSPACE customers.
CS Group, a key European player in satellite imaging and data processing, positions itself along the entire value chain, from sensors to applications. CS Group brings, through its Payload Data & Applications department, its expertise in remote sensing image processing, software development and, in particular, open source software. CS Group is also involved in the development of web and GIS services for environmental applications.
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R&D at the heart of innovation

Image and signal processing, Radiometric expertise and atmospheric corrections, Modelling and simulation, Data georeferencing and positioning, Deep learning, Cloud computing, Big Data and calculation optimisation, Saas, Web services

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Open source initiative

Payload Data & Applications department manages Open Source software and supports its customers in this process. Payload Data & Applications department creates, develops, contributes to, publishes and audits Open Source software.

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All products and libraries developped by Payload Data & Applications department: Remote Sensing & Image Processing products, Geospatial products, Cloud products, Data Management products.
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key References

The key projects developped by Payload Data & Applications department.
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