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Main Skills

Payload Data & Applications department brings its expertise for design, development with Big Data and Cloud technologies. In order to meet the increasingly massive needs for data exploitation (satellites & others), it is essential to have appropriate computer environments and digital tools. The objective of Payload Data & Applications department is to offer a variety of Big Data frameworks (and/or on-demand applications) adapted to the needs without having to manage the allocation of the necessary IT resources.

Detailed activities

These scalable work environments have been successfully deployed and have made it possible to:

  • Benefit from the infrastructures best adapted to the needs and budget
  • Benefit from generic access platforms and services to manage & process information
  • Effectively deliver value-added results with Big Data & AI solutions


Thanks to the know-how of the Big Data competence center, Payload Data & Applications department deploys an innovative solution, combining the latest technologies from the world of Big Data and DevOps and compatible with any cloud provider. This solution, called SafeScale™, currently under development at CS Group, has already been successfully deployed in large-scale production on the Copernicus RUS service, and is now being deployed for the CO3D processing chain demonstration project, the BIDSRAF project and the S1 PDGS project. The WordlCover, SnapEarth and AI4GEO projects will also benefit from this solution.