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What is DocIA™ SaaS application?

DocIA™ SaaS application is a data research and anaylsis chain.

DocIA™ SaaS application map report


  • Research
    • Full text search and refinement of results by facet
    • Highlight of the results
  • Different views
    • Text
    • Table
    • Statistics and statistics
    • Events map
  • Editing tags
  • Basket
    • Import/export/permalian
    • Suggested documents
  • Processing logs
  • Indexing metrics by file type
  • Upload, add, update, delete files
  • Sharing and exporting indexes
  • Minimized use of resources

Technical caracteristics

Software language is:

  • Javascript
  • Python

What Payload Data & Applications department can bring you?

Payload Data & Applications department is the ideal partner for your project:

  • Consulting services around DocIA™ SaaS application:
    • Technical expertise
    • Upstream studies
    • Preliminary analysis
    • Need analysis
    • Functional analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Demonstrators
  • Algorithmic studies
  • Algorithmic development & applications
  • Industrialized computer solution development for production
  • Training services:
    • How to use the DocIA™ SaaS application
    • How to develop new complex and elaborate algorithmic applications based on the DocIA™ SaaS application