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The REGARDS project (REnouvellement des outils Génériques d’Accès et d’aRchivage pour les Données Spatiales) is at the convergence between two Data Preservation and valorization tools, SIPAD-NG and SITools2. It is a full ground segment product and it can be used by any data center in charge of the implementation of data archiving and/or in charge of a mission or a data center access (research lab or IT services company).

Payload Data & Applications department is responsible for the design, development, integration, maintenance and ppen source promotion.


REGARDS allows:

  • To integrate data and metadata supplied by producers in standard or non standard formats with a high degree of efficiency,
  • To valorize metadata by enrichment and to make them available to the scientific community via standard interoperability protocols and advanced search interface displays,
  • To archive data and metadata in a sustainable way,
  • To manage the data from an administrator point of view,
  • To allow remote processes via standard protocols (WPS, UWS),
  • To be monitored.

Technical caracteristics

  • Hardware : PC, servers VMWare HP for virtual machines
  • OS : Linux Red Hat
  • Coding environment : Eclipse JEE, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Atom
  • Coding tools: Apache Maven, Webpack, NPM
  • Conf. Management/documentation: Git, Subversion
  • Tests : Junit, Selenium (tests IHM), Mockito, TestLink, Spring Test
  • Main languages : Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XSD, XML
  • DBMS: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Mysql
  • Indexation server : Elasticsearch
  • Integration server : Jenkins, Travis CI
  • Distributed REST Architecture
  • Reactive Web Architecture
  • Continuous integration
  • modeling tool : Fireworks
  • Design modeling : UML-CS / Enterprise Architect
  • Open source (Github)
  • Formats PAIS, XFDU, FITS
  • Protocols WPS, UWS


Since November 2015, CSSI is responsible for the development of REGARDS. After that, a migration to REGARDS of the projects using SIPAD-NG and SITools2 will be performed. A one year warranty phase and a three years maintenance phase is planned. For the moment, the REGARDS project in in its coding/unit tests phase.