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S2P (Satellite Stereo Pipeline) is a Python library and command line tool that implements a stereo pipeline which produces elevation models from images taken by high resolution optical satellites such as Pléiades, WorldView, QuickBird, Spot or Ikonos. It generates 3D point clouds and digital surface models from stereo pairs (two images) or tri-stereo sets (three images) in a completely automatic fashion.

A wide variety of stereo correlation algorithms are supported, including several flavors of semi-global matching (SGM), TV-L1 optical flow, etc.

S2P was used to win the 2016 IARPA Multi-View Stereo 3D Mapping Challenge.


S2P Library’s main features are:

  • The pipeline is implemented in the Python package s2p.
  • It can produce surface models and 3D point clouds from arbitrarily large regions of interest or from complete images.
  • If needed, it cuts the region of interest in several small tiles and process them in parallel.

Technical caracteristics

Software languages are:

  • Python
  • C

S2P Library is compliant with the following operating systems:

  • Linux RedHat 6+
  • CentOS 6+
  • Ubuntu 12+

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Payload Data & Applications department is the ideal partner for your projects. We can assist you in the different phases:

  • Consulting services around the S2P Library library:
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    • Functional analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Demonstrators
  • Algorithmic studies
  • Algorithmic development & applications
  • Industrialized computer solution for production
  • Training services:
    • How to use the S2P Library
    • How to develop new complex and elaborate algorithmic applications based on the S2P Library