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ADS Pneo image algorithm development


Customer: Airbus Defense and Space (ADS)

Programme: Pneo

Supply Chain: ADS > CS Group PDA


CS Group responsabilities are as follows:

  • Technical specifications,
  • Algorithm developments,
  • Integration.

The features are as follows:

  • Algorithms upgrade to meet geolocation needs
  • Spatio triangulation algorithm development
  • Image processing algorithm design, implementation and integration in Pneo processing chain

Project implementation

The project objectives are as follows:

  • Evolution of geolocation algorithm,
  • Image algorithms development for Pneo * Pansharpening (Use of Pan resolution to improove MS resolution.) * RPC (Loc model export through list of coeficients)

The processes for carrying out the project are:

  • Continuous integration

Technical characteristics

The solution key points are as follows:

  • Design and development of image processing modules
  • Scalability
  • Execution performance

The main technologies used in this project are:

Domain Technology(ies)
Operating System(s) Unix
Programming language(s) C++ 14, Python 3, Python Bindings
Production software (IDE, DEVOPS etc.) Git, Jenkins, Docker