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Realization of a processing orchestrator and mission for SWOT logo

Realization of a processing orchestrator and mission for SWOT


Customer: Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

Programme: Generic

Supply Chain: CNES > CS Group PDA


Main Picture

CS Group responsabilities are as follows:

  • Specification & Design
  • Realization of developments
  • Mission Statement

The features are as follows:

  • Running workflows on local, HPC or Cloud resources (no locking)
  • Exploitation:
    • Ergonomic and modern web HMI;
    • Monitoring the execution of workflows;
    • Visualization of the links between input data, processing chains and output data;
    • Alerts and acknowledgements;
    • Access to logs, execution contexts, pause/resume.
  • Monitoring: HMI activity report; System status monitoring.
  • Security: Management of access rights; High availability.
  • Efficient: 200K tasks / day, 100M processing instances, 500M references.

Project implementation

The project objectives are as follows:

  • Design, build and commission a generic processing orchestrator for the SWOT data production centre.

The processes for carrying out the project are:

  • Software V-Model, Requirement engineering, Continuous Integration

Technical characteristics

The solution key points are as follows:

  • HPC/Cloud hybridization for running processing workflows using Apache Mesos and SafeScale™
  • Workflow description with CWL standard
  • Integration of many COTS and in particular the TOIL workflow manager
  • Micro-service architecture
  • Easy to maintain: API; Extension points for HMIs; Extensible data model.

The main technologies used in this project are:

Domain Technology(ies)
Operating System(s) Linux RH Secure
Programming language(s) Java, Python, SQL
Interoperability (protocols, format, APIs) CWL, REST, AMQP, Yaml, XML
Production software (IDE, DEVOPS etc.) Git
Main COTS library(ies) Hibernate, JAXB, AdminLTE, GFal2, Spring, Docker, Postgresql, RabbitMQ, IPA, KeyCloack, ElasticStack, GitLab, Centreon, Toil, Apache Mesos, SafeScale, Apache Atlas, Ansible, AWX